Architecture and development firm based in México City and Miami, with a professional application since 1999.

Conscious of our evolving society we create new ways and interpretations of the architectural practice with the historic sensibility of each place and situation our projects approach.

We conceive our firm as a gear assembly where each person involved is an essential part of a whole, working with circumstances responding and turning them into opportunities.

We believe in giving timeless design that accomplishes the user´s needs and creating a relationship with our clients to understand every detail to focus on.

The firm is led by Rodrigo Romero de la Mora, born in México City in 1976. Graduated architect by the Universidad Iberoamericana in México City with a Masters Degree from the ETSAB at Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya in Barcelona.

  • Rodrigo Romero de la Mora        Architect

  • Alejandra Ávila Gutierrez              Head of Administration

  • Emanuel Mendoza Colín                 Civil Engineer

  • Salvador Juarez Perales                     Architect Head of Design

  • Victor Ayala Rivas                        Civil Engineer

  • Edgar Vargas Fonseca                   Architect & 3d Artist

  • Aldo Aldana                   Architect & 3d Artist

  • Alan Angel Ortega                  Architect Engineer

  • Alan Islas Durazo                      Architect & 3d artist

  • Daniela Luna Colunga          Landscape Architect

  • Jesús Alvarado                              Civil Engineer 

  • Agustín Mondragón

      Tax Advisor 

  • Eustacio González Moreno

      Head of Construction & Supervision






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